My Portfolio

Here are a few of my completed projects:

Wholehearted Business

As primary developer for this project I had the pleasure to work with an amazing team of people with a passion for growing businesses that want to make a positive impact and care about the values they show to the world. This huge site is packed with information and we were able to capture the true meaning and passion of the founder in it’s pages. Each page was planned and designed and then it was my job to bring it to life and I enjoyed every moment!

WB pages display

Savory Traveler Blog

This client wanted a dynamic restaurant review and travel blog featuring articles from writers all over the country. I built customized templates and post types so that they can add their content to this beautiful, thriving blog!

Cooper Mountain Elementary PTO

This site was a little neglected and disorganized. It was using a theme that was no longer supported so I brought it up to date with a brand new theme, logo and layout to show off the school colors and a little more personality! 

Flying Fur Animal Rescue & Refuge

This is an amazing non-profit animal rescue whose website was in desperate need of an update. The site was built on Wix and I was able to create a much more attractive and user friendly visitor experience. I also designed a new logo featuring an adorable sugar glider to emphasize the  shelters focus on small exotic animals.